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dragaonflysky, thanks for bringing up the five love languages... great book. We all three of us read it and use it. My men are touchers and words on affirmation first. I am an acts of service type. It has been really helpful to know this...

Tuckerpete, welcome to a whole lot of endless work.... this kind of thing goes on and on, and so it should. Once I decided not to be surprised and afraid of it, I was able to welcome every time one of my men or Derby had something going on. Now I am unafraid and welcome anything anyone has going on as a result and almost feel lost if there is nothing going on.... just one more step I think..

On the note of laughing, PN and I hadn't laughed for ages and I hadn't realized how much I miss hearing him. He has a great laugh. This past weekend I caught him laughing and all of us laughed together. Nothing like it. The best part was it was about something the boy did and he was laughing too! Feels so good and makes me feel like we are all good when that happens.
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