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Well my schedule for moving has been changed a bit. Things were getting too hectic for me in terms of packing and managing everything else I needed to take care of. I didn't know how I was going to get it all done in time. As I shared... with a history of Chronic Fatigue I have to pace myself. Then the moving company called and asked if it was possible to change my move date to 5 days later than planned. With the help of some good friends and a bit of rearranging of my schedule I was able to make it all work!

So, I call our guy up last night to tell him about the changes. This will mean that I get to their place this coming Saturday evening instead of this Thursday evening. He said he was disappointed. I asked why? He said because he'd be working all night Saturday (which I already knew because he had told me that before). It was nice to hear he cared enough to be disappointed. But, I was kind of surprised since they were going to be busy with several people over to their house for their SCA group when I was originally scheduled to arrive Thursday night anyhow. And he'd have to work the next day.

He hasn't always wanted to sleep with me when he has to go to work the next day because he doesn't sleep well when he's in a different bed. And the 3 of us have an agreement that he and I don't sleep together or have sex in their bed. Plus he's made comments to the effect that "You know if we sleep together, we won't be sleeping much." (I guess the temptation to do things other than sleep must sometimes be too strong for him!? I can be quite content to cuddle and sleep. It's not like I "demand" sex every time we're in bed together, although I sure don't turn it down when suggested! )

This is indeed a work in progress....a process.
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