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Tejoko- this mysogonistic partner of yours, how does he expect to find another woman with that attitude? Or is it a result of his frustration of not finding someone suited to him that this gate has come about? I wonder what relation to your mother he is creating if he bad mouths women in front of you? I would think it would create more hate of yourself. No?

Your story is very sad to me. Your men are bbot helping you over come some of your issues? Or at least leaving you to figure them out without passing judgment or comment?! You are lovely in your femininity how ever you want to display it! Who is he to have a hate on for women? He isn't one! He knows nothing about them obviously. Any man who really knows a woman knows that insulting their gender is damaging! As it is when women men bash. This is an age old separation of genders. Bashing is just useless and a waste of time as is any kind of bashing. Its built from ignorance and any kind of ignorance should mean one should educate themselves.

Maybe you and your men should spending some times celebrating the woman in you, how YOU want and need to. Perhaps if they get in touch with the woman they have in their lives then they will have a better chance finding someone else who will be willing to love them.

It sounds like you have all just settled into what you have and sit with yourselves lamenting the fact that there is no movement to more loves... Just assuming, but usually when people are so willing to bash others its because they are not looking at themselves first. Its way easier to be negative than figure shit out and create positives in life. Way easy to just sit and judge others without looking inward.

I'm not saying go out and buy more make up when I say embrace your gender, I'm saying find ways that are comfy to you. Get a new dildo and play with it. Notice what your vagina likes, play with your wetness, look at yourself in the mirror and find the places you like about your body, write a letter to your mother that is full of a lot of *fuck yous* and *i am fucking awesomes just the way I am* and then don't send it. Go shoot at stuff but keep your mind focussed on your body. Go for a hike and take note of how your legs move, your hands, your hair. Become conscious of who you are, every part of it. That's all it is. Not all make up and fashion. Haha! Sorry, that is just so not a concern for me and so far from my femininity. That is advertising and our culture. It is a result of my closeness and love of myself and my body that I dress up and wear make up. Not because of advertising and fashion. It comes from a different place. Find women who think like that. Ask the women you know. Chances are many of them know that distinction.
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