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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
okay, no one mentions this topic and I have some questions....

1. Does anyone prefer certain things with certain partners?
2. Does anyone have more sex with one partner over another?
3. Does anyone in a "V" have threesomes with their partners?
I can only answer for the one V I've had. Time and experience may change things.

1-Yes. But N is a man and P was a woman, so most of that's just logical. Though P was much more cuddly and N could sometimes be more aggressive depending on my current mood and preference.

2-N and I had more sex. P lived separately and also had her own male partner. But when she and I were together things were very steamy.

3-The closest we ever came to a threesome was the two of them stripping me down and teasing me until I was near tears. Neither of them was naked nor touched eachother nor was there any sex (oral or otherwise). I don't know that I could do the threesome thing, though it is a fantasy. But the fantasy of sharing my husband with another woman and the reality is a whole other deal. He knows he could never share me physically with another man and we respect eachother on that front. However, with P, we were considering the idea of a triad. I don't know that it could happen, but it would have to be the absolutely right woman for me to consider it.

Mono-As far as a cool down period, P lived separately and I was over her house whenever we had sex. I came home showered the next day. But kissing, touching, holding, etc. happened pretty much when it happened, if we were all together or not. So there usually wasn't a cool down between that. They liked it that way as they were good friends and loved to make me crazy. Good old days. *sigh* Sad now.
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