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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Nothing really specific we can give you. Changing a label shouldn't change the actual relationship. But it may give it direction.

Poly usually involves love. If you are simply a FWB than it sounds like you fit the open relationship mold better. Poly is fairly eros-specific
this is a little strange for me, because it's my first relationship of any kind. The LOVE word hasn't been said at all yet, but I do feel like way more than just a friend of hers. I do "love" her as I would want to love the world around me, if that makes any sense. I guess I should have a talk to her about this. Let our hearts open more, instead of trying to keep them closed because we can't be in a "relationship" because of time and distance. hmm

I guess I am a little naive to the actual emotion of love. I do feel's not a sex-only relationship...i dunno this is confusing. How can I bring up the word love without scaring her? I guess I'm assuming it'll scare her.
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