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I can find people physically appealing quite often. I guess if I was into casual sex they would "fit the bill" so to speak. Actual attraction is rare for me. It's like a switch and it doesn't require even talking or getting to know someone. Communication leads to greater depth and intensity in that attraction but I either am or am not attracted to someone just by thier energy. People don't "grow" on me.

I've felt this type of attraction 5 times in my life of 39 years. I've also never been attracted to some one who hasn't reciprocated. I just know.
Because I have learned so much about myself over the years, the full expression of that attraction has manifested into something spiritual for me..such as what I have with Redpepper where I am instinctually drawn to her energy from a place of self awareness and knowledge of how I work as a human being. She gets the best of who I have become

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