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Short answer ? Yes, totally unreasonable.

He forgot once in two years, and you are riding his ass over it ? How about you show a little compassion, and acknowledge the fact that you had a damn good streak, and how great it was that you went 2 YEARS .

If he started forgetting even 3 out of 7 days a week, that would be the time to ask what is going on, and see if its just NRE, or it could simply be him learning how to juggle and manage time....

It`s called a transition. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Crying over it, seems like manipulative behaviour. Especially to cry, then state you will only 'accept' one excuse.

I read your other posts. For someone who wants to disassociate herself from any 'stereotypical female behavior' this is in total contrast to your objectives.

Since this all probably sounds harsh, here is a small gentle reminder; You know how things become routine and not as meaningful when they are forced ?
If you were to get flowers everyday, because it was a expectation on your part, would it mean as much to you, as to receive them from free will ?

Don`t be so afraid of losing something, that you jump at every minor difference. Clutching to hard just tends to choke the life out of a relationship.
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