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Default Clarifying


Me-Of course the way you and Indigo are navigating the situation is a more somber and studied process than between you and Mr.A, because you have more history and maybe more tendency to predict each others behavior.
TruckerPete-Would you mind clarifying this part?
Tp- I don't know why I said somber. Weird word. I was thinking about laughter and spontaneity and how it's harder to break routines that have had time to develop. I was thinking about how easy it is to have fun with someone who isn't aware of all your ups and downs, where there isn't a lot of history, just living in the moment. The connection you have with a new person is all possibility, whereas a connection that has developed through time is full of all kinds of delicate information that is triggered not only in a tough spot, but in the everyday.

Anyway, I hope you and Indigo can get a good laugh at my scattered thinking.
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