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Default He can't seem to do this right... Am I unreasonable?

My boyfriend is seeing a new girl and he has been neglecting my feelings, making me feel left out and not even giving me the comfort of our routines.
We've had a lot of long talks over it and the other day I thought i made it pretty clear that I expect him to pay attention to me like he usually does. I named specifically spending time with me after work and the alone time we have after my husband has gone to bed.
Well, last night my husband and I went to a hotel to get away for a couple nights and my boyfriend asked me if it was okay with me if he saw the girl. It's caused a lot of problems lately so he's been asking my permission, which I will not deprive him of, it's not my way. So, they payed for a hotel room themselves and stayed the night there.

We have said good night to each other every night for the past 2 years. Last night he forgot... Just forgot. There have been other times I have been with my husband away and my boyfriend still at least texts me good night or calls for a minute. ... I just don't understand, even with the NRE, how he could forget such a thing. ... I texted him before I went to bed, but he was already asleep.

I cried last night because of this, and ha a hard time getting to sleep. When I talked to him about it he had all these excuses that just don't excuse anything. I had to ask him specifically if he had sex and just fell asleep, which is the ONLY excuse I would accept. He hesitated before saying yes... He ALWAYS seems to think that the things I need to hear the most are going to be the things to hurt me the most, so he won't say them.
So, again he comes to the conclusion that he just shouldn't see her because he can't do this right.
I don't want him to not see her. I just want him to not forget about me in the process.

Am I being unreasonable?

On a side note, why does everything go wrong at once? This new thing of his is really hurting me... then my computer craps out last night and needs replaced, and my glasses just broke today. LOL
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