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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
I'm calling BS (see the thread "Childfree and Poly") because if you believe that, then why aren't YOU interested in babies?

You speak as though you believe you are unique in a lot of ways. You are not as unique as you think you are. There are lots of women who are nothing like the way you describe. However, reading your post really turned me off. It made me feel as though "why should I even try to understand or get to know her, she's already made up her mind about me because I'm female and bisexual". I refuse to audition for some stranger's approval. I suggest that your problem with other women is yourself, not the other women. If a man came on and spoke the way you just did of women, the word for it would be "misogyny".
I know I am kind of misogynistic. But it doesn't affect my willingness to give people a chance. My boyfriend is also misogynistic in his own ways, and says way worse things than anything I said here... but he still prefers the company of women. I just find very few women that I get along with. And I admitted that I hate the feminine aspects in myself. I also greatly dislike my mother. There were times in my childhood when I wanted a sex change operation.

I never said I was particularly different from other women... but I do get told that quite frequently... and how it is hard to find women like me.

There are many reasons I don't want children. I value my time, my freedom, my health... I cannot imagine why anyone would want to dedicate their life to caring for someone else who will grow up to resent you. Besides, the earth has about reached its maximum capacity, and scientists say we have about 100 years before we are extinct. ..Sometimes in the middle of lovemaking it crosses my mind that I want this man's baby. My hormones are raging in those moments, but logic kicks back in. I also have horrible genetics. Depression and mental illness run rampant on my mom's side of the family (she knows 2 family member that seem mental-illness free, the rest of us are messed up). Alcoholism, anger, and abuse are strong on my dad's side. My husband has a lot of cancer in his family, along with depression and mild schizophrenia himself, and I have an autoimmune disease. I think it is the responsibility of ALL citizens of the world to consider their genetics before having children. I would feel incredibly responsible and sorry if I had a child and they ended up with ANY, even ONE of the genetic problems that my husband and I already know we carry. Even our poor eyesight.
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