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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
I don't come across a lot of superficial, high maintenance women in my life. Most of the women I know wear makeup on special occasions or only minimal makeup on a daily basis. I play a full contact sport comprised entirely of women who aren't afraid to get dirty, smelly and bruised. I love to camp and hike and swim in lakes.

Women like you who you can get along with are out there. Sexual orientation has very little to do with a person as a whole. Gender might have a little more to do with who we are as people but there is still a wide variety of the ways people are within a gender.
I probably own makeup, but I have no idea where it is. On the very rare occasion that I am forced to dress up and wear makeup, I have to buy new makeup because I have no idea where my old stuff went (and it's probably 3+ years old anyway) And I would stick to eyeliner... and lip gloss or a very thin, barely noticeable lipstick. Foundation makes me break out and eyeshadow looks unnatural in any color but skin tone. My eye lids are already skin tone. :P My lips are already red, my cheeks already rosey... and my eyes are already the most prominent feature on my face.
I do believe that if a girl never starts wearing makeup, her facial tone should stay natural and healthy enough from sun and fresh air exposure that she can literally fool people into thinking she is wearing some.

I would like to meet a woman who has more masculine interests like I do, and can keep up with a group of overweight smokers on a hike. It's not like we are hard to keep up with, we just DO stuff.
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