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You sound like Maca.
He used to have those emotions OFTEN.
Now they are much more rare.

The truth is that Easy IS different with Asha.

Because Asha is different.

But that's not to say that he's "happier" or "unhappier" with one or the other of you.

GG and I are MUCH more playful and easy going than Maca and I.
It sometimes bothers Maca, he see's that as me being "happier". But the truth is that it's just representative of the differences in them.

GG is much more laid back and easy going than Maca. Maca on the other hand is MUCH more intense and sexual. GG can't fulfil my sexual needs and Maca doesn't fulfil my easy-going playful side.
Neither is better than the other, both are JUST as necessary.

I'm sending you a BIG HUG-cause it sounds like you really need one!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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