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RP, She hasnt read on here yet and no I dont think shes ready. She has admitted to me that she has made some mistakes as far as the way this whole thing has gone. This started out as something that was going to bring us closer and as I mentioned in the beginning it did. I think she realizes that if she starts reading stuff like this, she will be reminded of some of that stuff. Again, all part of the NRE.

LD, That is a good idea. I need to figure out something we can do together and try to set up a regular thing. We were supposed to watch a movie together last night per her request but, once we got started it was tense and weird and she sat across the room form me, and had her laptop on here lap, etc. I told her earlier in the day that I was thinking about going out with this girl Ive been seeing and she got mad. She later came in and said she was sorry and that she got mad because she was hoping to hang with me. So its weird because she seemed to really want to hang out but, when we did it was awkward.
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