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Originally Posted by FormerUnicorn View Post
Actually, he was up here recently, and I missed him completely! I tried texting and calling several times, but I must have had the wrong number or something. I feel bad to leave him wondering.
Ah, sorry you couldn't get through, don't know what happened there. But I wasn't left wondering, I knew you had a busy day planned and didn't expect to hear from you. In any case, the timetable of my trip turned out to be very tight, and then I was up til 6am talking to a new friend! She lives in Anchorage, but unfortunately she is moving to Washington within a couple weeks.

Originally Posted by lamnidae View Post
Well, if I am ever in Homer or you ever find yourself in the valley.... coffee can be had! I absolutely hear you though. It can be hard to find people up here who understand what you are living.
I'd love to do that Lamnidae. Do you ever come to Homer? Lots of folks from other parts of AK vacation here.

I might make one more trip up your way in the next week or so, to see my new friend before she moves. If so, I'd love to meet up with you in the valley the next day, your schedule permitting. And maybe Formerunicorn and/or Mr. Unicorn would be able to make it too!


P.S. Glad to hear you had such a restful yet fulfilling weekend, Formerunicorn.
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