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Red Pepper - Great reply, thank you. The apparent craziness may just be due to NRE. She likes this guy and I truly can see how they match. They share interests that dont interest me and i think thats really good. I just didn't know it would mean that she would cut me off the way she has.

Another problem that is somewhat unique to our situation is, part of this disregard for my feelings and staying out of the house as often as possible, has created a bit of a breakdown as far as the way our household runs.

You see, over the course of the last 4 years, we agreed I would work and she would stay home with the kids and work on her Bachelors in Psychology. Well she just recently acquired her degree and she is unable to get a job... My youngest just started kindergarten so both kids are in school and she's done. From a timing standpoint, it went exactly as we had planned. It would be ok if she was trying really hard to get one but, unfortunately she isn't.

So right now, I kind of feel shafted a little. Its like I work all day, do my part as far as taking care of the kids, household stuff, etc. She does her part as far as the same but, spends the amount of time she could working or looking for a job with him. So I feel more like the roommate that pays all the bills currently.

I think if I still had a true partner around this wouldn't make me feel as bad. I understand the NRE thing well thanks in part to all of your help however, Im having a little bit of trouble chalking the utter disregard for my feelings up to something she couldn't help?
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