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Why do you have to find someone like you? And why are you finding them anyway. If you aren't bi then isn't it one or both of your men looking. What of their desire in this? Maybe its not so much about being bi, but being accepting. Maybe they are interested in women not like you because they have you.

Frankly, I would stay way clear of anyone who immediately judged me and prescribed my identity as a female. My description of who I am is my own and I'm proud of it. Sure, I am influenced by what is beat into my head, but I think anyone who has half a brain thinks about where they are at with it all. Maybe finding someone who "thinks" about the way things affect her would be a better option?

Hey, just a thought from someone who used to wear pantiliners.. and who, for a living puts pads in panties for my clients. They make pussies smell more and not in an appealing way. I find that letting that pussy free works way better. Maybe some cotton panties and a whole lot of freedom would help.
I'm wondering where your men factor in with this. Do they get to be as free sexually with you because of your hang ups? I can't imagine they feel they can go all out and enjoy you like they want to. There is nothing as exciting and sexy as a woman who really loves her body and who she is. Juices and all. Not that you have to like your juices, just appreciating that others do and think they are sexy.
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