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somewhere, somehow, earlier, I was able to look at your photo, with its wild eyebrows, enlarged. in that enlarged version i was able to see the books on the shelves behind your eyebrows. these are the sort of books i used to spend a lot of time reading. i still keep them on my shelves behind my more frequently trimmed eybrows. odds are, one day i'll get the urge to read them again. these days, i'm more interested in, say, when i find myself in a cafe or restaraunt, listening to the sounds of footsteps and human voices and rattling dishes, pots, pans, as composer, John Cage instructed--hinted, really--me to do some back-when. the idea being to listen to the sounds as one would listen to music, without interpreting the sounds or thinking about them as, say, language and pots and pans and footsteps.

also fun is writing paragraphs without knowing when or where to discover a paragraph break, or using no capital letters sometimes you can play at doing away with punctuation

lately i've been thinking about maybe assembling a book of "exercises" only they wouldn't be leading anywhere or getting anything done

or providing oneself with an agenda based on the silly notion that i'm not
or you are not good enough just as we are

there's nothing wrong with say sitting still on the floor or
getting up suddenly and going for a run or
a walk
or dancing
or making love
or with
not doing any of these things !

freedom is hard to bear
i'm willing
to give 'er a try

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