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I posted in this thread because the title annoyed me. I think that is why you will find most of posts in here from women. Say something provocative, and BOOM!

A little about me, so that you know where I might fit in to your female spectrum: I am bi. I don't wear makeup (except on special occassions). I go to a higher end hair salon because I like the pampering, but will tell the stylist NOT to give me anything that isn't "wash and wear." I've never been camping, but would certainly like to try it (just wasn't something we did growing up). I am grossed out by spiders and some creepy crawlies, but I hate myself for it because it's stupid and irrational. I own one pink item of clothing, and it turns out the colour looks good on me, even though I dislike it. I go shopping when nothing fits anymore, and not a minute sooner. If I have a problem with someone, I get it out in the open and deal with it, then move on. I don't own any guns, but I also don't know anyone who does (probably regional), though I have always been interested in learning how to use one. I want children of my own, though I dislike the children of most other people. I will be the first to admit that I don't understand women in general, and as a direct consequence, date far, far fewer, despite me being attracted to them. I own less than ten, no eight, pairs of shoes.

I don't like your generalizations, but have experienced much of the same things you have, with many women. (Not all. ) I have also found different things, once I started to look a little deeper.

My mother was ... is ... a work of art. She's superficial, always dressed nicely, and won't even take the dog outside of her apartment without makeup on. She was emotionally abusive to me as a child. I was bullied throughout school by girls, too.

I work in IT. I prefer working in a male-dominated environment because most men don't play the mind games that most women do. If I have a problem or I think I may have offended someone, I can talk to them and get it out in the open, clear away any misunderstandings.

I had to work in an office full of women for half days as part of a service my department offers. (Not a service for women, just that particular office! ) It was horrible. I listened to them gossip and back stab each other, then act as though they were best friends when the other parties involved were around. I found this brought out my own insecurities. I wondered what they were saying about ME behind my back.

The unit I work in now is mostly comprised of women. However, I was very surprised (and happy) when I figured out the dynamic. The women in that group all have very strong personalities. And yet, we can go to a meeting and disagree completely and strongly on a subject, then walk out of the meeting and be friendly coworkers. Not something I've experienced with many women in my life.

One of my coworkers is always dressed NICELY. She wears her makeup tastefully, and has more shoes in her office than I own. And yet, she doesn't take bullshit, and is smart and extremely capable. She probably wouldn't be caught dead camping, but she also wouldn't be caught dead with a child of her own. I looked down on her before I knew her. And now I'm quite ashamed of that.

So, I am working on giving women a chance, on my terms. I won't take crap and backstabbing bitchiness. But if a gal wears makeup, likes pink, reads fashion magazines ... I will still see if she's the type of person I like.

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