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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Thanks for your honesty! Way to put yourself out there. Apart from not liking pussy sexually the rest is stereotypes no?

It sounds like you are frustrated with bi women that are in your life right now. I assure you they come in different forms... not that you need to find them... but just so you know.....I know MANY women who enjoy bruises
I am frustrated that none of my men, nor I can meet any straight girls anymore. I haven't met a straight girl in years.

I guess they are stereotypes... but stereotypes stem from reality. You can't buy a facial moisturizer that doesn't say to apply before makeup, or take any polls that are marketed toward women without answering questions about fashion. Most of the ads that I see on facebook advertise baby products or fashion accessories. It is difficult to find comfortable shoes or pants that are sold for women because everything has to be 'fashionable'. I buy most my clothes at R.E.I. because they are one of the few stores that sell clothing for women who do more than stand around and look pretty. I find myself frequently disgusted by the commercials and products being marketed to women, and disgusted at how women are portrayed in movies and on tv.

Maybe women in reality are much different than they appear from far away... but I haven't found many I could get along with well enough to get to know. There are two girls in my life right now. One is too lazy to go on a hike, and the other would prefer to crawl across the car than brush against a branch in the dark to get in the passenger side.
I would LOVE to meet a woman who would forage through the blackberry bushes with me, despite the fact that it will leave itchy scratches for a couple weeks.
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