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Sorry, I meant to thank you also for your response. You immediately got me thinking about the pregnancy issue, which I had completely over looked, having had my own tubes tied years ago. She says she has a coil (iud) so I will just have to believe that, although my trust in her is not at an all time high.

I haven't emailed (it is still saved in my drafts). After what you and Ariakis said I decided I would text back my feelings about the lack of condom issue when/if she texts me. Z is going to have coffee with her tomorrow and he will be telling her that a physical relationship doesn't work for him. He get's asthma and is allergic to many things so her smoking leaves him in quite a mess. I have said that I will deal with my own issues with her but if it comes up he can pass on my dismay at her sexual antics. I will be staying in the "Now" and dealing with what comes up when and if it does.

Thanks again

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