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Originally Posted by freeantigone View Post
You're making a lot of generalisations here. I think it's sad that you find pussy gross when you have one yourself. Secondly the aspects of being female you dislike are social constructs - woman are trained to be interested in makeup, fashion & babies and to be vulnerable. We are not all like that, it's just a role many are trained into. What you 'don't get' is how patriarchy has moulded many women into the vulnerable piece of fluff you despise.

Again, a big generalisation. The bi girls you've met fit this image. I'm bi and I certainly don't.

Without meaning to go too psychoanalytical here, you've got MASSIVE issues with women. I'm guessing (I might be wrong) that you dislike women so much because you've been raised with the idea that men are better, that 'masculine' traits (logical, non-emotional) are preferable to 'feminine' traits.

And I'm sure I'm not the only person on here who is going to say that your assertion 'women love men better and men love women better' is not scientifically proven
I was raised by my mother in a gender equality home. I think I may dislike women so much because I generally dislike my mother. In school it was the girls who were meanest to me. ... And emotions just complicate everything. It is also hard to find women who can handle real camping, want to be around firearms, and don't feel the need to impress everyone.

Women are not trained to be interested in babies, their hormones do that. And even if it is all based on how society has trained women to be, they still fall into it so hard that many women will not even leave the house without makeup on. The way I see it, makeup enables insecurities and falsely advertises. (Many guys have admitted that opinion about the false advertisement).
And whatever society did that made women scared of the outdoors, it's fucked.

I am sorry I think pussy is gross. But, a downward facing moist hole that drips whenever it damn well decides to IS kind of gross to me. I wear a pantyliner daily because I cannot stand moistness in my panties, nor do I like the smell, especially around ovulation or menstruation when it is strongest.

Women intimidate me. Not as much online as in person. They actually scare the hell out of me. I don't know how to talk to them. I don't know how to relate to them. I don't know how to understand them. And worst of all, i don't know how to comfort people, and that seems to be what women want from other women the most.

Of course it's not scientifically proven that men love women more and women love men more... But maybe women just love the man who made this post more, and men love women like me more.

Seeing the theme of this thread just really annoyed me. But I am only annoyed because it seems to be true that most women open to poly relationships are bi. Actually, it seems like most young women these days are bi. And that makes me feel like I am even MORE sexually fucked up than I already know I am. It also makes being straight and poly very frustrating because all the girls my guys find want to sleep with me, too.
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