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Originally Posted by TeJoKo View Post
I am totally straight. 99% straight. I will let a woman touch me, and I may kiss her if if thrills my man, but I am in no way interested in women sexually, emotionally, or even really platonically. I went through a bi curious stage as a teenager and found that it wasn't for me. (I think pussy is gross, anyway). To be completely honest, I don't like women that much in general. I dislike most the feminine aspects in myself, especially my expression of emotions. Makeup, fashion, babies, being scared of dirt or bruises... none of it makes ANY sense to me at all. I mean no offense to any women here, but I just don't get it.

I find it VERY frustrating that it is hard for my men to find straight girls who are more interested in them than me.

I find that bi girls are a little crazier than straight girls. They have wilder personalities that kind of conflict with my laid back nature...
In my experience, the most generous and smartest women I've known were straight. The bi girls I have known have always been way too interested in superficial bullshit.

I also have to disagree that women love better. Maybe women love men better and men love women better... but I have always found that females are fickle and judgmental, and males make much better friends. I have always felt love from females to be superficial and not sincere. Maybe that stems from my upbringing.
Thanks for your honesty! Way to put yourself out there. Apart from not liking pussy sexually the rest is stereotypes no?

It sounds like you are frustrated with bi women that are in your life right now. I assure you they come in different forms... not that you need to find them... but just so you know.....I know MANY women who enjoy bruises
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