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Originally Posted by TeJoKo View Post
(I think pussy is gross, anyway). To be completely honest, I don't like women that much in general. I dislike most the feminine aspects in myself, especially my expression of emotions. Makeup, fashion, babies, being scared of dirt or bruises... none of it makes ANY sense to me at all. I mean no offense to any women here, but I just don't get it.
You're making a lot of generalisations here. I think it's sad that you find pussy gross when you have one yourself. Secondly the aspects of being female you dislike are social constructs - woman are trained to be interested in makeup, fashion & babies and to be vulnerable. We are not all like that, it's just a role many are trained into. What you 'don't get' is how patriarchy has moulded many women into the vulnerable piece of fluff you despise.

I find that bi girls are a little crazier than straight girls. They have wilder personalities that kind of conflict with my laid back nature...
In my experience, the most generous and smartest women I've known were straight. The bi girls I have known have always been way too interested in superficial bullshit.
Again, a big generalisation. The bi girls you've met fit this image. I'm bi and I certainly don't.

I also have to disagree that women love better. Maybe women love men better and men love women better... but I have always found that females are fickle and judgmental, and males make much better friends. I have always felt love from females to be superficial and not sincere. Maybe that stems from my upbringing.
Without meaning to go too psychoanalytical here, you've got MASSIVE issues with women. I'm guessing (I might be wrong) that you dislike women so much because you've been raised with the idea that men are better, that 'masculine' traits (logical, non-emotional) are preferable to 'feminine' traits.

And I'm sure I'm not the only person on here who is going to say that your assertion 'women love men better and men love women better' is not scientifically proven
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