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Smile We are 1 man and 2 women living in Orlando, FL

We are one man (62) and two women (57 and 40) respectively. In addition to the poly aspect of the trio, the women also enjoy the sexual aspect of the "daddy factor" as our man is the eldest of us.

In addition to his two women, he's been friends with a woman for 25 years with whom he's been platonic because he can't stand the condition of her body. He has publicly referred to it as being too flaccid for him. Recently, in order to compete with the reality that he has two women, his old female friend became extremely sexual with him and wants him to leave the trio and become monogamous with her.

Leaving the trio is an impossibility for him because the two women in his trio, quench his sexual drive in ways that no one woman can. The 57 year old for instance, is a woman he's still deeply in love with and to whom he was engaged for a year. Emotionally, he's still extremely attached to her and refers to her as his soul mate and refuses to let her go.

He enjoys the friendship he has with his old platonic friend of 25 years enough to agree to have sex with her but he doesn't love her enough to give the two women up and become a monogamous man to her. More importantly, her friends and devoutly religious siblings would be horrified at the idea that their sister were to have unprotected sex with a man that already has two women.
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