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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Why are email breakups so lame?
What's the alternative? I can't see her for some time.
I just find email breakups to be a bit of a cop out. Just my thing. Phone call would be minimum.

I'm in a mess over all this and I can't really speak to her on the phone because I keep bursting into tears over it and can hardly speak. Do I start a text conversation over the reasons for my upset? Already she is trying to work out what the matter is and I'm fobbing her off by telling her I feel like crap but getting into it all with her seems like it will just add to my angst.
Well...if you aren't going to see her for a bit, why not give yourself time to settle down and then do a phone call.

Anyways, thats really just my thing, I would be badly offended if someone broke up with me via email. I wouldn't do it to someone else either

Sorry things are falling apart. Relationships ending always suck...
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