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Default Help! In a right pickle.

Your thoughts and some empathy would be much appreciated.

The Unicorn has run rampant!

The other night she had her second sleepover. I said I would go upstairs to sleep after the action because I have to get up early and don't sleep well with three in the bed. Z said no, we should take turns and he would take the first time to give us an opportunity for some girly bonding.

I woke up in the middle of the night with her having gone upstairs, jumped into bed with him and well, she is not a very quiet unicorn at the best of times. She didn't bother coming back
so I just left them in their bed and went to work as usual. Yeah I was kinda hurt but the real whammy of the whole thing is that they didn't use any bloody protection!!!

She has text me since and doesn't seem the least perturbed, although she was sorry I didn't say goodbye before leaving for work.

This is my dilemma: I just want out of this relationship. I was bi-curious and I liked the idea of us both having the same girlfriend. I don't know if being 'open' to the idea of bi can develop with the right person but she is far too sexual for me and the whole experience, combined with the dumb, thoughtless behavior has turned me right off the whole experience.

Perhaps unfortunately, she is also a lovely, lovely person who has had a lot of sadness in her life and I don't want to cause her undue pain. She has gone and told her friends and family that she is in a "relationship" and is totally smitten with the whole idea.

I was hoping to get out of this with an email saying it's all my fault for thinking I could be bi-sexual when I obviously can't. But I am feeling like I should educate her in the etiquette of sleeping with someone else's partner, if not for my sake for the general sexual health of the community at large. I know it was also Z's fault but she did jump him in his sleep and he does find it hard to engage his brain under those circumstances.

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