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Default my formal appolagies

the time bubby n i share is just shy of divine (you know what i mean, perfect). our moments are writen from fairy tales. my soul quakes and eyes water when i am not near her. the present we hold, amazing. the future we plan, almost imaginable. when we were apart, she could spread my every being out and know what is up just from inflections in my timbre in a phone conversation. physically present w/ each other we are growing accustomed to each others quirks n habits but if it escalates we can take a moments breath talk it out and be "right as rain" quoting old lady in a movie .

fiancee and i, its a (sometimes) dont ask dont tell relationship. though we are both extremely....male lol. we dont have a strained relation. we shooot the (poop). talk about our on goings and any discrepancies we have when we have them. its like gaining a brother in my family. =) our relationship has been very pleasant and enjoyable mostly because of our ability to appreciate one anothers water on a ducks back philosophy, if its not harmfull whats the problem lol.

i have my worries, my personal concerns as to present, future and irrational possibillities. bubby has heard and been there to do her best to reassure me of us, but that just is not what irrational is is it . im working on me 24/7 for us, i need to be the best me i can be for the collective us. ditto goes for everyone in our V.

all knows this is new/ challenging/ difficult to any new to this (as we are). but i cant stress enough how much communication is in this. with out it there can not be a "it". agreed, its needed for just a monogamous relation. doubly so in a poly. though advise and sudgestions are easy to give, applying them in your life take your lifes offering. how can we expect any less in a life long applied dynamic.
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