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Default i dont care, it is what it is

=) an odd tittle to go with a smiley i know =). but, you know it, it is what it is. things have changed since the last i posted. biggie, bubby and her baby bubby have moved in w/ me. we are waiting for financial circumstances to transpire for fiancee to move up also. life is substantially amazing i admit, but how can i not feel as though im the 2nd.

atm i am battling every primary bone in my soul to not be.... ugly/angry/not nice i guess. yesterday marked our year anniversary of physically seeing one another in a relationship.

rewind to 1.5 months ago, they lived there (250 miles away). i lived here. she came up for dates (full weekends), i came down for visits (until the last time did i get P.T. w/ bubby (which i stayed home so bubby n fiancee could also get ditto), no prob =). my last visit down did she and i get public (meaning fiancee was pressent) Q.T. meaning physical acknowledgment of each others for loss of a better word, our own existence.

back to present, i feel like weve regressed. fiancee has been up to visit two weekends now (one is still in progress). when he is present i get no acknowledgment. its difficult i guess, i have no prob w/ fiancee getting mad time for themselves. i just feel.... forgotten. it really blows my roommate persona up n out in the open. bubby messaged me that she doesnt want this to feel as such (n i completely understand, i have not been in the relationship for 7 years and am now separated by the 250miles) but i do.

sorry this really only amounts to a vent. i am ok. we all are fabulous. you, readers, just get to receive my blow off =P.

gangster, budkep

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