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Actually I am seeing your situation as a good thing... now near with me as I am sure that my opinion isn't helping at this point but really, it means that they keep their connection while you are there. If you stay there then I would think that it would mean too much too fast. At least the fact that they are busy would mean that you can establish yourself and find a place. I think you need to get out and find yourself a place, your own things to do and your own friends. Their busy life right now means that you will be able to. I think that is awesome. I think that they are making sure that you are taken care of in that way and that is respectful.

Okay, if this continued after you have found your own place, friends etc. then it would be time to negotiate some time balance. Give it some time though and get yourself set up. Just because you are there for a month, doesn't mean that you should be acting like you will be there forever. It's too early for that.

Still, I get that it looks discouraging at the moment. I hope that when you are established with your own place that things look better. It would be helpful to talk with them when you have signed a lease and are ready to move out about creating some time and a schedule. It will come... and it will be a process.
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