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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
To put a bit of positive perspective in this, it doesn't sound like they are relegating you to secondary, it sounds like they are putting you in their life. Once NRE is over and life, as a couple or more begins, this is normal. Work, play, hobbies and life.

Welcome to a relationship
And just where is it that you see them putting me into their life other than staying in their spare bedroom until I find a place to rent???? I'm not seeing where there's much time to develop a relationship between he and I. The only "NRE" we've had from my point of view was spending two nights together. One of them was because she was working a midnight shift. He called her at work to tell her "goodnight" as we were settling down to go to sleep, which I thought was really sweet. I wasn't jealous at all. The other was when we all were on a camping trip together. He and I slept together one night on that trip. They slept together 5 nights. We talk on the phone once...maybe twice at most....a week. He doesn't like emailing and doesn't correspond with me in any other way during the week. They have couples time. When will we???? Ours is a fairly new relationship. That's secondary or less in my book.

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