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Default Reasons for these red flags

I didn't post the reasons behind those things because I didn't have her consent to discuss sensitive topics... But I have it now. She is divorcing because her husband is physically abusive and left her for a teenager. (When she told me the girl is only 17 it took me a second to realize her husband is only 20, which makes it legal in this state, but still.) And her mother kicked her out because she finally got the courage to confront her mother about the abuse her dad inflicted on her as a child. Her stories have remained consistent, so I have no reason to think she is lying.
My husband met her mother the other day when he gave Amber a ride. He even says her mother is a complete bitch. (Bagged all her stuff in garbage bags and tossed it out the back of the car, breakable stuff included.)
Her age shows through a lot... It's apparent that she has very little relationship experience, little life experience, and little life knowledge. All are things that are kind of iffy for someone we might want to add to the family... Korre insists that at her age she is still very impressionable, and having her around us will encourage her to gain those experiences and knowledge.
All the girls that have shown interest in Korre since we've been together have been 21 or under, and bi. I am straight, and every one of these girls has wanted a threesome. Why is it so hard to find a straight girl that is our age? (I don't expect you to answer that, just a little side rant). But... does it seem like more teen and 20-something girls are bi these days that straight?
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