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I'll be moving near my couple in 4 days. Actually as it turns out I'll be moving into their spare bedroom until I can find a place of my own to rent (should be no longer than a month). I was going to try and rent a place from looking at them online, but then decided that was a bit risky not seeing a place in real life. While I live with them I'll be commuting a little over an hour each morning and evening.

So our guy and I are talking on the phone last night. Let's see....he's on-call for his job Monday and Friday nights. They go to choir on Tuesday nights. They're taking dance lessons on Wednesday nights. They have a SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) group of friends who come over to their home to work on drawing/writing scripts every Thursday evening. Oh....and by the way....he's working a night shift at a hospital where he used to work for this coming Saturday (my first Sat. with them) because "they were desperate and really needed" him.

They knew I was moving down near them over a month ago. The dance lessons and choir were recently added. As was his new job with on-call (which he obviously doesn't have a say in.) He told me when I took the new job that due to the distance we probably wouldn't be able to see each other much on weekdays when I get moved to a place closer to my work. Let's see...that leaves Sat. nights...unless he picks up a midnight hospital shift. And I'm certain that he's not going to want to spend every Saturday with me even if he was available.

I'm sad. I'm disappointed. I'm pissed!! I had told them I didn't want to be in a secondary role in this poly relationship. Heck....I'm beginning to feel like I'll be lucky to be a FWB. And no I haven't told him yet. We had a very poor phone connection last night and I didn't want to get into a sensitive subject only to hear half a conversation or be cut off periodically with a dead phone line. many times do I have to express what I want? And....I would have hoped he would have been eager to spend time with me. I don't know whether to cry or throw-up.
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