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Originally Posted by Sunshinegrl View Post
Hiya! And Welcome!!Always greatto have new faces!!

As One of the Aussies about the PLace... Are You an Aussie Living abroad??
Good Luck finding another someone! Like My girl up there said, We kinda stumbled apon each other while we were not looking.

Ullo darl! Yes it does seem that you find the best things in life when you aren't looking!

Currently in Ottawa, Canada, though I was raised 20 years in Sydney. Love will make you do things like move to a frozen wasteland.
I have many in my family. And this is good.
I have many friends. And this is good.
I have many teachers. And this is good.

I have many loves. And this is a great concern. The greatest insanities of this world are those stock full in the face of all.
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