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Hey RP,

It's a really difficult conundrum.
I passionately relate to girls/women who feel exploitation because of the media's portrayal of sex - but I guess I/we come down of the side of 'the media corrupts and exploits EVERYTHING it touches' rather than singling out sex.

Women's bodies are more sensationalized I think because they are more beautiful from our artistic senses (proportion, line etc).

Getting off track...........

The damage I see is that in the long run it perpetuates a sex negative leaning in many women. Being (embracing) a sexual creature requires more than an appealing package. Far more.
And I feel that when you are turned away because of the exploitation, you also turn away from embracing your natural sexuality. Therin is the loss - not only for others but for yourself. Having been fortunate to have relations with women who have totally embraced their natural sexuality and pursued the perfection of it I can say that the loss is significant.

We both tried to raise our daughter to have a positive view of sexuality and her own in particular and not fall victim to the trap of exploiters. It's an ongoing process so she doesn't have to fight that battle alone.

In our world being called a "good little slut" is the higest form of compliment and recognition of accomplishment

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