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I just wanted to thank you for your love and support. I think I've had a bit of breakthrough tonight, and it's because of you. I think part of the problem has been my fear, irrational as it may be, that this was a one sided thing. That if I did start seeing someone, things with us would get bad. You're support helping me with the OKC account and screening people showed me that isn't the case. I guess I felt in the past, that if we did it together, it wouldn't take anything away from us. But I'm begining to see what it can offer us. How it can broaden our relationship, not take away from us. I'm still working it all out, but another baby step forward has been made. I'm still not sure about how I feel about g/f, but I'm pretty sure of how I feel about the two of you together. Not saying I won't backslide again, but I hope not. We just need to keep talking and communicating. Finding other things to fill my time, has been a huge help. I just got so stuck on this is a problem and I must find the solution, that I lost track of everything else. Without you pushing me, I'd still be walking in circles. I didn't see how getting out and doing something else would help me solve the problem. But it gave my brain a rest and chance to put pieces together and put things in perspective. I love you. I am so greatful for the way you get me, for your patience, support and love. You're my world monkey love,I'm so glad we decided to make this work, instead of giving up on it. Thank you!

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