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Originally Posted by Rachelina View Post
I guess my question is, is there any hope that I could come to accept this situation?
My personal feeling is that people can learn to accept whatever they want to. Do you want to?

You could probably search around the forum for similar rings a familiar tune. The results seem to vary.

At the moment however, it sounds like this has all been dropped on you rather suddenly. It also seems to be ten times harder to introduce poly to a reluctant partner when there's already another partner waiting in the wings so to speak. At least her moving away for a while might give you time to process the feelings you're having.

I'm sure others will jump in with better specifics, and perhaps similar experiences. But my suggestion would be to take some time to learn more about poly, and take things very very slowly. My suggestion to your husband would also be to slow way way down, let go of the fantasies, and be patient. You're probably in for a long road ahead. No need to rush it.

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