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Originally Posted by JRiverMartin View Post

I just noticed that you've contributed 430 posts to this forum since you started here with us. That's well over the number I've contributed, which I thought was quite a lot. So it's interesting that you identify as monogamous and yet find yourself so deeply involved with polyamory and the polyamory "community".

[Hoping not to distract long from the topic at hand with this tangent.]
What I truly find myself deeply involved with is the ridiculously immense love I have for Redpepper LOL! If it wasn't for her I know I would probably fade from the community and the forums. I would still be very active in her life and family but would probably drift back into my mono relationship and social world for the most part.

I have learned so much about people and myself since meeting her and this forum has been a healthy and safe way to share my experience and continue learning.

This is a great place to be and I fully intend to be around and in the community for a very, very long time
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