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Hey Archie,

I second a lot of what Ari has mentioned. NRE is a powerful drug ! But is does lose it's effectiveness in time.

But first off.......what/how do you define 'love' ?
It's a word we throw around about as much as 4 letter bombs but don't usually dig in to see what it really means to us.

It seems is something comprised of a bunch of smaller components. Shared interests. Shared ideologies. Shared passion. Sex (good, bad, mediocre). Lots of little things - but all things we also share with people we may not proclaim to 'love'
But at the bottom of the term we always seem to find RESPECT as the binding foundation.
We can care about many people. We can share commonalities with many people.


How much respect is there between both of you ? (both directions)

You may find clues there into the direction & longevity of your relationship - as well as the shape it takes in the future.

Passion comes & goes. Deep bonds and connections require healthy respect & understanding of who each other really are beyond the surface, beyond the passions.

I'd suggest checking this out

Respect is (and can be) built with right actions and right thoughts. If that is there most anything else is possible, but no matter what follows it will seem kinder and more loving.

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