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I love this thread and think it's worth bumping.

Also, early on in this thread I had mentioned that I was in a quad situation and three of our children were attending school together, and someone asked me to keep them updated. Well, a year later... (I'm sorry!!!)...

The school year went fine. Teachers were notoriously unable to tell who was whose mother, and so just grabbed whoever they found roaming the hallways. Because of this, I volunteered in a classroom that didn't belong to me...was asked to sign documents for a child that wasn't mine (I respectfully declined this)...and was constantly given updates on children who didn't biologically belong to me. At one point, Asha was out of town and her children's teachers expressed surprise that I had come home early. (Really sad when you consider that Asha is a blond and I'd been dying my hair red.) We attended school events together as a family, and at no point was there any question about who belonged to whom, nor were there any raised eyebrows over Easy having his arm around Asha or me hanging out and talking to Sunday every morning. Of course, we didn't do anything lascivious, but who would? I don't behave that way with Easy, either. Over all, our families were intertwined all year with no real comment from the teachers. I had a teacher ask me two or three times if Asha and I were sisters, to which I just replied, "Our families are very close" or "We're very close friends". No one ever asked more than that.

Funny thing is, my Monkey is going to a different school this year, but I went with Asha to pick up her kids a couple of weeks ago. At one point, I ran into one of the teachers who couldn't figure out who I was last year, and she *still* thought I was Asha. She even hugged me, and frankly, I don't think we've even been introduced.

Another funny moment...Asha and I were in the same homeschool co-op for years, TOGETHER. Yesterday, she had my Moose at a store and ran into another co-op member...who thought she was me and proceeded to ask her lots of questions about Moose and his school. We rarely bother to set people straight--it sometimes is just like having another you to step into your shoes and allow you to be in two places at once.
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