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I had a jealousy dream last night. I dreamed that I overheard Sunday talking to someone else about a woman he was interested in, and I was incredibly jealous because he didn't want me. I was full of sorrow and anger. That was painful, and doubly painful because I was forced to revisit that place. I thought that I had moved on. I'm not used to attempting to be friends with ex-lovers--usually I run far, far away when the relationship ends. Truthfully, I haven't got a lot of experience. Let's see--three boyfriends who dumped me, followed by a one-night-stand with a co-worker who never called me back, followed by twenty years of marriage. Yeah, poor Sunday. Poor Easy! But I'm not giving up my relationship with Asha, and I refuse to lose out on my relationship with the kids.

Asha and I had a good day today, and talked about living together. It would definitely solve a lot of our financial problems--it would be soooo nice to be able to save some money! And it didn't fill me with fear like it normally does. I'm not good with room mates and I need a lot of space.

So, just saying, I'm still alive. Followed by another entertaining-to-me-but-maybe-no-one-else moment:

Easy (waving a single sock): Where is the other sock to this pair? You know you're supposed to put them together when you take them off!
Me: There is no other sock. It was right next to another pair. It's a poly sock and it was in a triad. You broke up the triad!
Easy (giving me a steely look): You only have two feet.
Me: Love knows no boundaries.
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