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Ari, glad to see you hopped on this one, too!

Welcome, Vinccenzo! Please don't feel discouraged. While some of the conversations on this forum may exclude you simply because of how your lifestyle works, it is not intentional. About the only intolerance I've seen on this board is for cheating and dishonesty with no intent to change. I would be "guilty" of that intolerance myself. But, you've already made it clear this is not the case!

I can probably relate to your situation. I am open as well as poly. Currently I'm not sleeping with anyone other than my fiancÚ and boyfriend, but I have this option if I choose to exercise it.

I do find I have a different MO than many around here. (Different, not better or worse!)

A comparison:

Originally Posted by Tonberry
For instance, personally, the way my relationships work is:
A) I fall in love with someone, usually to my greatest surprise.
B) I try to pursue said person, first by being close as a friend then by confessing I like them or asking them out.
C) If they feel the same, date them. If not, cry.
D) At some point along the relationship, sex occurs (if B was successful, that is).

A) I go looking for a relationship, whether it's strictly sexual or more.
B) I meet a person I am interested in.
C) If I feel comfortable with them and they are completely open to me and my questions, I fall in lust with them.
D) We have sex. This could be it. Usually it is not.
E) We continue to chat and get to know each other.
F) From this, either we part on pleasant terms because something is not "there", or some sort of friendship or more is established. It really depends on what both of us were looking for and if we're compatible.

When I was single, this variation also occured:

A) I want sex.
B) Call a friend.
C) Have sex.
D) Continue on with life.

So ask away!
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