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We're not kicking you out or anything! If you feel you can relate to what we're talking about, by all means you're free to stay.
I was just worried many of us might not relate to your experiences, and as a result would be unable to give you advice.

For instance, personally, the way my relationships work is:
A) I fall in love with someone, usually to my greatest surprise.
B) I try to pursue said person, first by being close as a friend then by confessing I like them or asking them out.
C) If they feel the same, date them. If not, cry.
D) At some point along the relationship, sex occurs (if B was successful, that is).

So giving advice about casual sex is pretty much impossible for me, since it's not part of my life. Of course, not everyone follows my pattern either, and those who do don't always do for every relationship.
I'm just acknowledging that I'm no help here, and certainly not trying to kick you out. I hope you can still feel welcomed. I for one don't see anything wrong with casual sex, it's just not for me. I tried it and disliked it and I have no interest in trying again.
So, I can't help you, that's all I'm saying. Welcome here either way
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