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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
Yeah, I looked into that. It didn't really seem reflective of us either. We don't play with a tit for tat angle (if you sleep with my wife, I get to sleep with your wife) and we don't not get to know who we see or not care who they are as a person.
Swinging isn't as black and white as people can make it seem. There is a lot to it and sometimes, it is not tit for tat. Between closed swinging and key parties there is a lot to it that fits in the middle.

While I don't swing I have been in an open relationship. Some people consider what I was doing swinging. Just a matter of perspective I suppose.

Maybe I'll just poke around and keep to myself so no one is offended. Thanks.
If your end goal is to find partners to love and have sex with and be with...thats poly ...if what you want to do is find a closed grouping than that can be a variation of swinging. Non-monogamy is a big umbrella.

And as any fyi, not everyone on this site says sex has to come with love. Poly to me simply means I can love more than one. Which I am full capable of. I am also capable of enjoy the company of a woman without having to love her

Cheers, welcome to the forum


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