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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I can't say I find your case weird.
I love weird. heh

Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Also, you need to keep in mind that there would be a third person: the other man. Someone who has feelings, expectations, etc, and might not want to feel used as a sex toy.
I would suspect that any man who is involved would agree to being a sex toy and enjoy that. I would hope that you would respect him what your expectation is so that he can decide if he wants to be involved.... or your wife rather. that is if it is to become a long term thing with a play partner.

otherwise the scenario of her going out and finding a man for a one nighter is different.

the whole thing with kink is to respect people yet be creative and explore that. it isn't weird, it's fun. Fun to let your mind go to places that are deemed "wrong." Treading slowly and checking motives is important... never pushing agendas or forcing. Everyone must be willing and this is what I am concerned about with this OPer.

Sure, it might not be for everyone, but I believe there is room for everyones kink in the world as long as boundaries are respected and the real nasty stuff that society doesn't like is kept at bay and is respected as PLAY, not reality. Or something one can do with unwilling participants.
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