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Yeah, I looked into that. It didn't really seem reflective of us either. We don't play with a tit for tat angle (if you sleep with my wife, I get to sleep with your wife) and we don't not get to know who we see or not care who they are as a person.

I'm feeling pretty discouraged. It feels like the monogamy troupe and the poly troupe are rife with judgment and lacking in acceptance. While I can understand why the people who think monogamy is the "right" relationship model will struggle with remaining objective about people who don't practice monogamy, I'm a bit dismayed to find it it seems that way on this site too. I'm finding it hard to believe that everyone who is into poly loves who they have sex with before having sex with them.

I don't wish to be disrespectful of anyone's lifestyle choices. In reading some stories on this site and on the swinger site, I found this one to have more I can identify with. I'm sorry. I tried to take our issue to an advise forum and all I got was judgment.

Maybe I'll just poke around and keep to myself so no one is offended. Thanks.
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