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Originally Posted by fayeelizibeth View Post
now, that's where i disagree with you. i happen to know this guy is not one to have casual sex ordinarily. which CERTAINLY doesn't rule it out (and there's nothing wrong with casual sex), but he's only had sex with a handful of woman, and he was in relationships with them at the time. come to think of it, the sex itself may have been the 'scary' factor!
A thought then, if this guy has been in a relationship with everyone he has had sex with then this might of been scary, as you say... poor dude, doesn't he know that he can explore and be independent and still have a girlfriend... oh our world is so mono

Another thought. I have run across men who have had casual sex and then lose respect for the one that they had it with. They turn into sluts after... (as if they aren't too). Not saying your guy is like this, but just saying.

Ya, it sounds like he has his own issues about it all. Too bad he doesn't want to talk about it. I would hazard a guess and say that he enjoys his mono status and is looking for mono love. You were a fun blast from the past and that is all. Now he feels guilty and that he has cheapened you.

Keeping up with a friendship sounds like the best bet for now. At least he will eventually realize that you don't feel cheapened and that you are glad to be his friend... if he gets a girlfriend I bet he disappears into mono land, like the good mono he is, cause mono men aren't allowed (or don't want due to the fact that their girlfriends might be jealous) to have female friends.

I know this sounds sarcastic, but I am not meaning it to be. The whole mono style works for some, I just hope you aren't disappointed, because that is just how mono is. I don't get it myself, but then I'm not mono I accept it just fine though.
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