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I think I kind of agree... I feel ORE for Rag, NRE for Sean and limerence for someone else (have felt that since before meeting Sean).
I have delayed starting a relationship with him because I feel it would be unmanageable. While I think it would be possible emotionally, I think it would be a strong back-and-forth and be exhausting. Also, I doubt I'd have enough time for that.

I still think it's possible, but I think it would involve a lot of on-off for me, focusing all of my attention and thoughts onto someone, then someone else, then the first one, etc, if I'm making sense. I would probably become overwhelmed if they were both in the same room. Too much emotion at once!

Right now, because I'm in a different stage with all three, I find it manageable (and wonderful).
Me: 32F, straight
Seamus: My husband, 33M, straight
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Dragon: Fox's husband (and my ex), 30M, pansexual
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