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It's important to me that Rag and Sean are getting along so well. I would feel so uncomfortable being in the middle and knowing they disliked one another... Also, I love being able to talk about the other, often not even being the one to bring it up...
Hearing them suggest things the other might like is also great. I know they have each other's interests in mind and not just my own.

When Sean was working hard and feeling unappreciated at work, Rag suggested I send a (naked) picture of me to his cellphone, and took it himself. Later the same day Sean said we were great at supporting him and he loved us.
It means a lot to me that Ian can think of ways to support Sean, and that Sean can say he loves both of us.
And of course it works the other way around, too.

At the same time, Rag likes J, and without having met her yet I really like her just because she makes him so happy. I try to think of ways to make her happy too although it's hard without knowing her
She sounds like such a nice person! I think that once you get past the idea that other people your partner loves are supposed to be "rivals" and you start seeing them as "accomplices", it can become a wonderful kind of relationship.
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