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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I would love for him and us to live together and have that all the time, but it is a selfish thing and I know that neither him or my husband want that right now. So I wait and see what happens.
There is nothing selfish in wanting the people you love and who love you closer. We both know we do better when we are all together. From my perspective it's not a matter of not wanting to live closer or even together. I sleep better in your house than I do mine LOL! It's the logistics of co-habituating. Sex, personal space and my ingrain fear of becoming "boring" or overextending my welcome with your husband and son are the issues. Sex is definitely a big thing LOL! We'll find our way.

As far as being alone goes..I am completely comfortable with it. I have a strong connection to myself and can feel connected to others around me without ever knowing them. In most cases I prefer not to know lots of people, I have always been a person who has a very small group of close friends.

The question for me the need to "not be alone" a common theme among poly folks? Is this one of the defining differences between a monogamous wiring and polyamorous wiring?

I definitely feel poly people are more connected to the world as a whole and more concerned about people in general. I see it and feel it. The difference in the social views of my poly friends and mono friends is generally pretty big...hmmm time for some processing I think

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