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Originally Posted by candaules View Post
I also have read Sperm Wars by Robin Baker, which I must recommend to anyone with an interest in this topic. I find that evolutionary biology to be a plausible explanation for this as well as female vs. male physiology. Women are built for sex with multiple males at a time or in short sequence. This is harder for us men who need time to “reload”. This makes it easier for a woman to have multiple males.
Sounds like a good book, care to add it to the link on book recommendations?

As to your post on the whole. The great detail you added about your fantasy made me think I was reading something on fetlife. I love your kink here. What a great fetish and what a lucky woman to be on the end of it. You sound quite submissive to her sexually and that turns me on for sure!

I agree with the poster who added that one should be very careful to not create a situation whereby your wife does things to please you and not herself. Perhaps in time she will warm to the idea, but it sounds like she is quite happy with what she has in you and her life. It might just be that she isn't interested in what you are in this way.

Have you thought of finding a girlfriend who is? Someone who you don't even necessarily have to have sex with. Just a wonderful deep connection with the addition of her gratifying your sexual desires for her to take lovers... I know I would willingly do this. There is bound to be others. I would have no problem friending someone that likes to here my stories and perhaps watch me and my loves have sex because it turns them on. Dressing up for them, having them watch me at a bar at a distance. I would get off on that greatly. So, there is bound to be someone near you that you could meet. What would your wife think of that.

I would suggest doing some research on voyeurism from a fetish, kink, point of view as I think this is closer to that than poly... I heard no mention of your wife falling in love, scheduling anther relationship, negotiating another relationship and adjusting your life to fit another... which is more what poly is. Perhaps if she were in to swinging that would be a start... again though, it sounds like she loves you and the life she has and wants nothing more than she has got just now.
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